No Sugar – Romantic story of a diabetic girl meets the man who she thought was her father, only to part again after the three days – but their lives will never be the same again.


Wish – Pre-apocalyptic flash fiction story of two men awaiting an imminent nuclear strike

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Sorry, no space colonies for you yet

Talking about the space exploration and building self-sustainable settlements in space or on other planets, we need to remember that humanity so far could not achieve self-sustainability even on the water, in a friendly environment of our home planet. When your old home vessel will start leaking, can you manufacture the new one, while on … Continue reading “Sorry, no space colonies for you yet”


On writing and drawing tools

I have to say, was totally amazed today by a Kuretake brush pen. I’ve tried quite a few brush pens before, but this one is the most brush by far. Probably the closest you can get to a real brush, but without all the difficulties of a real brush. https://www.kuretake.co.jp/en/product/brushpen/


New short story “Two Lighters” on Wattpad

I’ll be publishing the new short story on Wattpad scene by scene as I finish editing, you can start reading here: https://www.wattpad.com/741686577-two-lighters-scene-1