No Sugar – Romantic story of a diabetic girl meets the man who she thought was her father, only to part again after the three days – but their lives will never be the same again.


Wish – Pre-apocalyptic flash fiction story of two men awaiting an imminent nuclear strike

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Exercise for the brain

The human brain is the human’s biggest strength and also the biggest weakness. Same as muscles, you got to exercise it to get most of it. After I found out that the modern biofeedback solutions for brain are still very inconvenient, I decided to switch to something more traditional – doing something very different from … Continue reading “Exercise for the brain”


The first draft of the new novella coming soon!

Finally, the first draft of my new novella is very near completion so the editing will commence in January, plus any possible queuing time – editors are so busy these days. So many people who write, so few people who know how to make it into a good shape (: Now the most challenging part … Continue reading “The first draft of the new novella coming soon!”


Permanently broken era

We now live in an era of permanently broken things and services. Nobody has the desire, capacity or incentive to get anything right any more. If you happen to come across anything different – treasure it.