No Sugar – Romantic story of a diabetic girl meets the man who she thought was her father, only to part again after the three days – but their lives will never be the same again.


Wish – Pre-apocalyptic flash fiction story of two men awaiting an imminent nuclear strike

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Drawing, dreams and writing

I recently noticed that since I began learning to draw, my dreams became more interesting, vivid, and realistic. Of course, it might be a coincidence, but looks like it was beneficial in many aspects, including giving me some interesting ideas for writing too.


“Two Lighters” completed (first draft)

Finally, I’ve completed the first draft of my new story, “Two Lighters”, you can read it here for now: https://www.wattpad.com/741686577-two-lighters-scene-1 It proved to be more difficult than I expected to finish it – especially the very ending, as I got emotionally attached to it a bit too much. Now I’ll let it rest for a … Continue reading ““Two Lighters” completed (first draft)”


Sorry, no space colonies for you yet

Talking about the space exploration and building self-sustainable settlements in space or on other planets, we need to remember that humanity so far could not achieve self-sustainability even on the water, in a friendly environment of our home planet. When your old home vessel will start leaking, can you manufacture the new one, while on … Continue reading “Sorry, no space colonies for you yet”