About “Wish”

Published today my short story, or, rather, flash fiction, “Wish” . I was lucky with this one, as most of the story came to me in a form of a bad and disturbing dream about two men awaiting an imminent nuclear strike, with myself being one of the characters. It was so vivid that I didn’t have any problems recalling it in all details even a few days after. When I realized it doesn’t want to go away by itself, I had to make it a story – all I had to do is adding a few small details here and there, but most of the story still is as it was in the dream. I had bad dreams about the nuclear war before, but this was the most vivid yet.

Interesting to note that there are many stories describing what happens after the nuclear strike, but not so many describing what happens just before. Might be a good name for a new genre – “pre-apocalyptic”.

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