The benefits of boring places

For a long time, I was trying to find a place for a productive writing holiday. I tried traveling to many different places I like, but nothing really worked, everywhere it was even more difficult than at home. I was thinking hard about what might be the problem, but didn’t find any good ideas – until I had an eureka moment recently. I need a moderately boring place, not the favorite place! A place, which still provides some minimal level of stimuli, and convenience, like eatable food and network access – but nothing else, so that the most interesting thing to do there would be to dive deeper in my stories.
And I’ve found such a place not too far away, and it worked like charm. In just two days, I was able to make more progress with my next story, than in a few months before that. The story, however, got much shorter, so likely it will be yet another short story, not a novella, as I thought first – but it’s ok, who has time to read anything long these days anyway?

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