Note to self during the pandemic time

Many changes are afoot in the world these days. Some might be good, some others not as much – using the virus as a pretext, fueled by fear, in the disguise of “temporary” measures. The first priority, of course, is to stay safe. The second one is to retain sanity and clear mind, don’t give in to the pressure and don’t let yourself be manipulated. The third one is to find ways to stay creative, productive, and useful. If previously you needed some special setting for this – find a way to keep some part of it at whatever circumstances you are now. If you need to forget about the outside world for this – there are technical means to do so. It will not be perfect or easy, but, by all means, keep your creativity alive. Remember to keep your body in good shape too, the productive brain requires at least some exercise. Once life gets easier again, you’ll say thank you to yourself.

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