On writing contests

Modern days writing contests are nothing but a way to profit from an uncountable number of people who want to get rich and famous from their writing. You pay the entry fee, you pay extra for the critique, then you wait for more than half a year for the organizers to get back to you. In the end, the chances of your work being selected are comparable to winning a lottery. In the meantime, you cannot publish your work anywhere, nobody reads it, and it is as good as if it never existed. It is also a good way to take lots of works off the market and reduce the supply.
If your only goal is people reading your work, keep away from the writing contests. “As you value your life or your reason keep away from the moor”.

“The Third Side of a Coin” is being prepared for the publication

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Stanley’s happy life, all fun with no responsibilities, is suddenly being threatened from many directions at once. He finds himself in a whirlpool of events between Hong Kong, Macau, and the Philippines. He hates making choices and taking responsibility, but will there be a price to pay for this?

Note to self during the pandemic time

Many changes are afoot in the world these days. Some might be good, some others not as much – using the virus as a pretext, fueled by fear, in the disguise of “temporary” measures. The first priority, of course, is to stay safe. The second one is to retain sanity and clear mind, don’t give in to the pressure and don’t let yourself be manipulated. The third one is to find ways to stay creative, productive, and useful. If previously you needed some special setting for this – find a way to keep some part of it at whatever circumstances you are now. If you need to forget about the outside world for this – there are technical means to do so. It will not be perfect or easy, but, by all means, keep your creativity alive. Remember to keep your body in good shape too, the productive brain requires at least some exercise. Once life gets easier again, you’ll say thank you to yourself.