What if?

What if euthanasia was legal, culturally acceptable and as easy as the famous suicide booth from Futurama? What is your guess, by how much the current 7.5 billion would reduce?

Thinking about the plot ideas for the next work.

Audio books

I generally like audiobooks, especially the Amazon’s ebook+audiobook combo. It allows me to continue enjoying the book in places where it would not be possible otherwise, like when I have to do something boring.

The only aspect I don’t like about them is the inability to adjust the tempo. With a regular book, I always accelerate in less interesting parts and slow down where it matters most, often re-reading the same passage a few times, and this freedom to change the tempo is important. So important, that sometimes I have to stop the audio version of the book and wait till I can read the text myself to fully enjoy it.

International politics

These days it’s vital for a writer to read the news on international politics. If you read them carefully between the lines, combine the sources coming from all interested parties and deconstruct them down to the true meaning, it is such a great source of inspiration on multi-level lies, deceit, and disinformation, that most likely you’ll feel like still at a kindergarten level with all your sophisticated plots, well beyond your most vivid imagination. Truly educational experience.