“Two Lighters” completed (first draft)

Finally, I’ve completed the first draft of my new story, “Two Lighters”, you can read it here for now:

It proved to be more difficult than I expected to finish it – especially the very ending, as I got emotionally attached to it a bit too much. Now I’ll let it rest for a while, and then, after another round of editing, will publish it properly.

Sorry, no space colonies for you yet

Talking about the space exploration and building self-sustainable settlements in space or on other planets, we need to remember that humanity so far could not achieve self-sustainability even on the water, in a friendly environment of our home planet. When your old home vessel will start leaking, can you manufacture the new one, while on the water? No. So, before dreaming of space colonies, go back and do the homework then.

Difficult art of drawing from imagination

Unlike photography or sketches from life, drawing from imagination requires much more discipline. You got to think very carefully of what you want to say, and add just that on a blank sheet of paper, because any extra detail costs you time and effort, nothing comes for free, and nothing is random. Much closer to refined symbols. Quite applicable for writing too. Cross-training in a way.

New fear ahead

While the average internet users’ level of sophistication has mostly plateaued, the states’ desire to control the mass communication is far from being satisfied, so for the average users it would be a losing battle. There was just a brief period of total online freedom, until the government bodies caught up with the latest tech. The control is not the worst part of it—after all, it is just natural. The worst part is that we are steadily moving towards the algorithmic version of karma and retribution, which will inevitably re-instill fear. The very moment you or somebody you know will be banned, without any explanation, from doing something you used to do all your life, you will feel it. Humanity just recently has mostly got rid of the fear of God, but sadly, life without irrational fear didn’t last for long.

Exercise for the brain

The human brain is the human’s biggest strength and also the biggest weakness. Same as muscles, you got to exercise it to get most of it. After I found out that the modern biofeedback solutions for brain are still very inconvenient, I decided to switch to something more traditional – doing something very different from what I usually do, to activate parts of the brain that are not much used otherwise. I picked drawing. I used to draw quite a lot up to late primary school age, then it gradually stopped – maybe together with a good deal of fantasies and imagination. It’s very interesting to get back to it now, focusing especially on imaginary things which do not exist – because for things that do exist there’s photography.