No Sugar

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* * *

First day

Buildings and hills, highlighted by the sunrise, were zooming past the train’s windows on the way to the airport. Jay didn’t see it, he was half asleep, lulled by the softness of the chair and the train’s motion. His head was tilted and pressed against the window, balancing the comfy feeling with the sharp cold of the window glass. Monotonous ambient noise mixed with the sounds of “Just Like You Imagined” coming from his headphones. He wanted this day to happen the way it was happening now, but had uneasy feeling that it all might end up badly for him–but he was going nevertheless. After all, he always preferred to regret the things he had done rather than the things he hadn’t.
The first thing he saw as he arrived at the airport was that the flight he was meeting was delayed by two hours, and now he was stuck alone with his thoughts in a quiet corner of the arrivals hall. He didn’t want to stop and give himself any time to reflect on what he was doing here, for it was a difficult question. The simple answer would be “meeting T”, but this was the only simple thing about it…

* * *

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